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Punk ass Canadians Have been here!

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My Bands Page: Links and info on Canadian punk bands
My Canadian Punk labels page: Links to Canadian punk labels
Punk Reviews: Canadian punk reviews
Back issues: Back issues of my e-zine, Punk, Eh?
Other stuff: Other Canadian punk stuff

My Canadian Punk page

          Last updated on: Monday, November 24th 1997
    ***Big update, lots of new bands, something in almost every caegory. check 
 out. I will be finishing up the update in the next couple days.***
    **News: I've been extremely busy, and the newest issue is 
 a month late, but it will be out soon. Thanks for your patience**
     Hey, welcome to my crappy page. On here you will find links 
 to Canadian punk labels, bands, and other Canadian punk stuff. 
 This Page will Always be under construction, so check back often.
 I am in no way affiliated with any of the bands, just a fan 
 with to much time on my hands. If anyone has any suggestions 
 or comments just E-mail me. I would like to get more info on 
 Canadian punk stuff. 
 **Back issued of Punk, Eh? are here now. If you missed them the
 first time see them now****


E-mail address:

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I am now doing reviews, so send any material you want reviewed to: Reviews 15 Wohler St. Kitimat B.C V8C 1H7 Canada I Will review anything you send me, 'Zines, 7", Lp's Cassettes, and Cd's, or just about anything else I have a monthly E-zine, called Punk, eh? and it covers Canadian punk. To subscribe just e-mail me at with the subject subscribe. you can also contribute by sending me reviews. columns, scene reports and any other Canadian punk stuff.
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